Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Growing Hemispheres. Havana Cuba. April, 2008.

In the City that Dreams of Roses. Madrid, March, 2007

Cuban Pastoral. Havana Cuba. April, 2008.

Cloud Under Cap. Homeless Santa Barbara. June, 2007.

Tale-Tell Eyes. Havana Cuba. April, 2008.

What do we play next? Madrid. March, 2007.

Colorful perusal. Vieux Carré, New Orleans. August, 2007.

Street Performers. London. March, 2007.

Off-duty Bobbies. London. March, 2007.

Purposeful strides. London. March, 2007.

Inner happiness. Amsterdam. March, 2007.

The latest news. León, Spain. March, 2007.

A letter from a friend. Northern Spain. March, 2007.

Muses emerge at the James Joyce. Santa Barbara. December, 2006.

A cool note. Santa Barbara. December, 2006.